Featured Programs

Fairmont International School (FIS) offers the following programs: Joint Program, Short Term Immersion, Educator Training, 2+1, and Study Abroad at Fairmont Private Schools. FIS also offers customized programs to meet specific school needs.

Joint Program

Partner with FIS to offer an academically rigorous Joint Program to your students.

Short-Term Immersion

Send students to study abroad short-term at a Fairmont Private Schools' campus in Southern California.

Educator Training

Enrich teacher, administrator, and staff professional development with a special study abroad program.

2+1 Programs

Students come to Fairmont in the US for their final year of high school.

Partner Schools

Fairmont has partnered with schools around the world to help students realize their academic goals through curriculum that emphasizes language acquisition, independent thinking, critical inquiry, and student creativity. Click on a school below to learn more.

U.S. Schools