Jonathan Dunn, Fairmont’s very own highly qualified and experienced college counselor

From the 12th – 16th November, 2018, the Joint Diploma Program students at The Affiliated High School of Hangzhou Normal University had a special visit from Fairmont’s very own dedicated college counselor, Jonathan Dunn. The following is an excerpt from his biography:

“Jonathan Dunn has been a college counselor for nearly thirty years. He has experience with and a deep knowledge of hundreds of American colleges and universities possessed by only a handful of other counselors. As one of only 300 Certified Educational Planners or CEPs in the world, he is especially well qualified to work with students and their families. This is the highest credential a college counselor can have in the United States.  Certified Educational Planners have achieved the profession’s most rigorous educational standards and they adhere to a strict code of ethics. In order for a college counselor to become a CEP, they must pass a seven hour long Board Certified Examination, they must hold a Master’s Degree, they must visit at least 100 different colleges and universities every four years, and they must be re-certified every five years. A CEP is an experienced professional who is committed to providing the highest quality of service to students and families.”

Indeed, the students were thrilled to have one-on-one time with a highly qualified and experienced college counselor – All of the Senior Three students that are applying to colleges in America received personalized guidance on how to select the institution that is best for them and how to submit their applications. Along with individual talks, Mr. Dunn did an excellent presentation on the college search process to all the Senior Two students. It was a fun and informative week for both the students and Mr. Dunn. He said:

“Of all the kids I work with in Fairmont Partner Schools, the students here at Hangzhou are the most interesting and open-minded by far. It’s a joy to work with them!”

The students and staff at the Joint Diploma Program at The Affiliated High School of Hangzhou Normal University are now better equipped to handle the different challenges of the college application process – important questions were asked and answered and the consensus is that such valuable information and care could not have been had anywhere else, nor from anyone else. With resounding gratitude for a successful week, Mr. Dunn’s next visit is eagerly anticipated.