Welcome aboard, grade tens!

On Wednesday 21st November, 2018 we welcomed twenty-five new grade ten students from the Taipei Municipal Zhongzheng Senior High School to the Fairmont Joint Diploma Program. Present at the Orientation were the Principal, Ms. Hui Chiang, representatives from the Parent-Teacher Association, myself as their JDPM as well as Grade eleven students who shared their experiences in the program thus far.

After opening remarks from the Principal that impressed on the importance of time-management and self-discipline to these new students, as well as a few words of warm encouragement from the PTA representatives, the students had the opportunity to hear for themselves what lay ahead in the years to come. From the three year structure of the program, to the challenges of taking AP courses and exams, applying to colleges and the numerous benefits of participating in the program and immersion courses in the US, the students were given a comprehensive breakdown of what the Joint Diploma Program entails. They were also given a sneak preview and testimonials from the year two students of the exciting US History Summer Program that’s offered to year one students every year.

One such testimonial stated that learning US History in California was an exciting and new experience for her. Instead of dry, boring classes, they made songs in class to help them remember their work, they went on field trips and through such methods she was able to connect with the content and remember facts much easier. She also became closer with her classmates for having such an extraordinary shared experience. Finally, she made mention of living with a host family in America and that is was invaluable for the time she spent with them and connections made.

We look forward to guiding the new students as they make their first steps in the Joint Diploma Program and look forward to welcoming them for an unforgettable journey in California next summer!