Last week, the North American Center opened its classrooms to the faculty and staff of Shi Shi High School as well as parents of prospective students.   All of our AP Teachers opened their Senior 1 classrooms and showcased exciting and interactive lessons for our students.  ICCC Director Ma, Vice Principal Fang, and Principal Tian made sure to join in the activities and observe lessons.

In Academic English with Mr. Joshua Amy, the theme was “Passing on Wisdom,” in which students had to prepare oral and written advice for next year’s incoming students.

In Business English, our introductory course for AP Microeconomics, Mr. Matthew Jelley brought students through the concept of fixed and variable costs in running a business.  Students ended the class with a fun quiz game to test their understanding of the topic.

In Pre-AP Physics, Mr. Nathan Gaffney demonstrated a computer program that allows students to calculate projectile motion in two dimensions.  Students were required to solve their own complex physics problem using algebra.

We finished our open house by inviting parents to our monthly assembly which showcases outstanding student projects, and gives awards for outstanding student performance in several areas, including citizenship and improvement in addition to academic achievement. This assembly also marked rousing speeches given by the newly elected members of student government for Senior 1 and Senior 2 classes.