The foreign teachers and students from Beijing 21st Century at the Forbidden City!

The purpose of this activity is to invite students who are interested in communicating with foreign teachers and sharing Chinese culture while visiting the Palace Museum, the oldest palace in China. What these volunteers needed to do was to help explain and introduce the Chinese story and culture to foreign teachers there. Surprisingly, many students enrolled in the activity. They searched the journey route, historical background and other related information in advance. Several of them had visited the Forbidden City a lot of times before the event. 

All volunteers and foreign teachers gathered at the Wumen gate of the Palace at 12:00 pm on the afternoon of December 15. During the activity, the shy students became more talkative to communicate with the foreign teachers. The lively and naughty boys also calmed down because they were deeply influenced by the culture of the Forbidden City. Several foreign teachers came to the Forbidden City for the first time. The teachers said that they really took pride in their students’ elaborate explanations. At the same time, they were glad to have the honor to take part in this interesting and exciting trip which let them know a lot of knowledge that they did not know before.

  Also, the volunteer students think that they have trained their spoken English and have a better understanding of Chinese culture at the same time. This experience also enhances the relationship with foreign teachers. They mentioned if they had the chance, they would be happy to attend again.

Written by Tina Chen