The Affiliated High School to Hangzhou Normal University

Fairmont Partner School Since April 2010 –
Ministry of Education Approval: October 2011

School Overview

Established in 1969, the Affiliated High School to Hangzhou Normal University (AHSHNU) educates more than 2400 students in grades 10-12. Headed by a visionary leader, Principal Ren, the school is globally minded and endeavors to provide students with the 21st century skills they will need. The Joint Diploma Program opened in fall 2012, with highly-motivated students and with well-qualified teachers and leadership. The mission of AHSHNU is to be “a quality school which builds upon the student’s foundation and focuses on the development of poise, clarity, and love of learning.”

School Location


Home to 8.7 million residents and capital of the Zheijiang Province, Hangzhou is a city known for its scenic charms, for its prized longjing tea, and for its long history of creating beautiful silk.

Principal’s Message

Ren Xuebao PrincipalPrincipal

In April, 2012, The Affiliated High School to Hangzhou Normal University and American Fairmont International Education received approval from the Ministry of Education to hold a Joint High School Diploma Program. Thus, our main campus has ‘sprouted wings’ with a sister campus in Xinjiang and a new international division.

Though “Chinese at heart,” we aim to develop our students with a “global ethos.” We will labor towards melding the Chinese spirit with an international point of view, balancing the academics with socio-cultural learning, and blending innovation with practical application. After half a semester, the students are not only hard at work, but happy to do so. Furthermore, they have begun expressing interest and passion in a variety of extracurricular activities. The faculty is doing their utmost to conscientiously move the student progression. The parents are heartily invested in school events. The initial development of the international division has gladdened my heart.

I believe that the students of the international division will become the paragons of the Chinese culture as they learn its profound virtues. At the same time, they will be equipped with communication skills, critical and independent thought processes that make them competitive in the global market. I believe that the teachers of the international division will do their utmost to earnestly motivate the students with after school tutoring and counseling. I believe that Fairmont International Education’s educational philosophy, curriculum system, management model, and experience in education in combination with our school’s remarkable faculty and resources will create an exceptional international division that blends the best of “east meets west.”

News & Announcements

Fairmont College Counselor Visit

From the 12th - 16th November, 2018, the Joint Diploma Program students at The Affiliated High School of Hangzhou Normal University had a special visit from Fairmont's very own dedicated college counselor, Jonathan Dunn. The following is an excerpt from his biography:...


Fairmont International School

Student & Teacher Profiles

Student Profile: Zheng Fu

I’m the Vice President of Class 1B in the international division. As a stand-out member of the associated student body, I am constantly reminding myself to be a good role model – wearing my uniform on campus, being proactive and taking initiative, and encouraging my fellow classmates to maintain proper cleanliness and personal health. Thus, benefiting all of our spirits and increasing our school pride.

Teacher Profile: Stephen Monahan

Stephen is currently the senior teacher within The Affiliated High School to Hangzhou Normal University.  At present, Stephen has been teaching at the school for three years while being in China for a total of 8 years now.

Originally from Troy, New York in the United States, Stephen graduated from Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island in 2008.  He majored in History with a minor in German.  Stephen has also obtained his TOEFL certificate.  At school, Stephen is teaching US History at the AP level.

Stephen is currently pursuing his Masters in International education.  While not working on his teaching and studies, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family including his new 1 year old son and watching Sci-Fi movies.

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