Beijing 21st Century School

Fairmont Partner School Since July 2009 – Ministry of Education Approval: April 2010

School Overview

Beijing 21st Century International School (originally Beijing 21st Century Experimental School) was established in 1993. It was one of the first Chinese-owned private schools established since the period of reform and opening in the 1980’s. The school educates over 1,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Both boarding and day options are available, and the majority of students live on campus during the week. Beijing 21st Century International School was also one of the first schools in China to offer Advanced Placement courses starting in 2009.

School Location

(Core of the National Zhongguancun Independent Innovation Zone)

Beijing is the capital of China. Not only the seat of government, Beijing is also home to some of the nation’s finest universities, museums and architecture.

Principal’s Message

Zhang Jieting
Chairman and Principal

With the cool winds of autumn, the fruits of harvest are soon at hand. It feels like we just graduated a large class of noble scholars, yet here we are again welcoming another group of new “21st century” hopefuls. I am honored to welcome you all here on behalf of all staff and workers of the Beijing 21st Century International School! At the same time, I must thank the SIWA Group for their tremendous support, the Parents & Friends for their trust, and our top of the line teachers for all their efforts that brought us to this new academic school year! Our students have spent a wonderful summer interning and studying abroad. Stepping back once again into your school, you find that the campus has become even more beautiful. We took advantage of the summer break to commence in our 3rd campus restoration project. We have also increased greenery around the campus, so that everywhere you look, you’ll find evidence of the verdant, green vivaciousness. We believe, growing under these beautiful conditions, you will make some wonderful and lasting memories!

Fan ShenWu
Executive Principal

Since our school’s change in name to “International School” there has been a great push in administration to find better partners to enrich our curriculum. Nationally, we have invited the Federation of Beijing’s 11 Schools, and internationally, we have worked with American Fairmont. In this short span of time, we have received high praise from parents to government officials. Our juniors who participated in the American AP exams have a pass rate of over 80%, and many of the graduating JDP students accepted by international schools abroad. With these excellent results, our high school admissions department too has selected accomplished students after a rigorous process. So students, for us all to be able to gathered here, it proves that you are each amazing, unique individuals. We will use only the best teaching methodology, in return for your parents trust, to color your fantastic futures!

Students, 21st Century is not only a school, it will become your happy place asyou grow. Here, every person’s mind will be filled daily and individual characteristics carefully nurtured. We hope that every student will remember the mission of the school, “to become honorable, talented, successful, and international proud Chinese.” Open your hearts to love, your minds to wisdom, yourself to grace, so that you may take on the great responsibility of becoming an inter-cultural and international pillar of the next generation!

A school motto cannot just be yelled out, nor can an alma mater just be sung out. We require you, the students, to fulfill them step by step, creating a new reality with your imaginations. In this new semester, take on new challenges. Students, we the staff and teachers will accompany you to create even greater heights!

News & Announcements

Student Work Spotlight: Memoir Writing

  A Journey to the Stars   Photos & Memoir by Amanda Yang It was a dark, dark night. Except the low and consecutive sound emitted by the giant remote astronomical telescope, I could only hear the slight sound of the camera in front me, taking pictures...

A Journey into Chinese Culture

The foreign teachers and students from Beijing 21st Century at the Forbidden City! The purpose of this activity is to invite students who are interested in communicating with foreign teachers and sharing Chinese culture while visiting the Palace Museum, the oldest...

Internship Week

   Grade 10 students participated in a week long internship program.  270 positions were created for the students to gain hands-on experience in a company. After their stint in the world of work, students created presentations to share their various experiences with...

Beijing City Debate Championship

In April, the debate team progressed to the final round of the Beijing City Debate Championship, ensuring they will be either first or second place in all of Beijing.  More news to come!

Exchange Students

In March, 21st Century welcomed exchange students from Japan, South Korea and Ireland to our campus.  Our sophomores put on a breathtaking drama festival, performing such plays as Snow White and Cinderella, as well as classic Chinese plays in English.


While our seniors are finishing up college decisions and preparing for Advanced Placement Exams, underclassmen have been working hard preparing for the TOEFL and SAT.

Spring Semester

The spring semester began on February 23, 2016 and our 450 plus international students have been extremely busy both in and out of the classroom.

Student & Teacher Profiles

Student Profile: Li Haoyi (Elisa)

Li Haoyi (Elisa) Elisa is a junior at Beijing 21st Century International School, and she is originally from Xian. Elisa is President of the Student Union at school, and is a member of the Chinese Communist Party as well. A diligent and bright student, Elisa is taking AP Computer Science, which is her favorite class this year, as well as AP Economics and AP Calculus. Elisa’s strong command of English, and her analytical skills led her to be chosen to join a select group of students in the International Department US Social Science Debate in September 2011. This summer, Elisa completed an internship with Citibank. In college, this bright young woman plans to prepare for a career in business.

Teacher Profile: Jiao Yang (Samantha)

Ms. Samantha Jiao teaches AP Physics at Beijing 21st Century International School. Ms. Jiao earned her MA in education from the University of Northampton in the UK. Prior to studying in England, Ms. Jiao received her BA from Beijing’s well-respected Capital Normal University, where she majored in physics. Her passion for teaching and education led Ms. Jiao to begin tutoring her peers while still a student herself. She has been teaching for the past seven years, and has been a member of the faculty of 21st Century’s Joint Diploma Program since the very start. Those who know her comment on her dedication to education. While at Fairmont Preparatory Academy for teacher training, this talented educator skipped lunches and breaks in order to talk with US faculty members, and to observe science classes and labs. In a presentation she gave at the close of her stay in the US, Ms. Jiao moved her fellow faculty from both China and the US when she spoke of the ways she was eager to try to help students achieve. This educator is as dedicated as she is gifted in teaching, and she is a faculty leader as well. Ms. Jiao believes in empowering students to take more of an active role in their learning. She fosters classrooms in which students feel safe to try, to experiment, to share, and she sees her role as a teacher, a tutor, and, at times, a big sister. Ms. Jiao’s blend of dedication to innovative learning, her commitment to high standards, and her compassion for students makes her a highly effective educator.

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