Educator Training Program

Enrich teacher, administrator, and staff professional development with a special study abroad program.

Fairmont Education Group welcomes visiting teachers from countries around the world to Fairmont Private Schools. This unique and exciting training program allows FIE to share western methodologies, educational philosophies, and pedagogical best practices in an exciting and interactive manner. Our professional community of teachers and school administrators will provide visiting teachers with a wide range of experiences, collegial interaction, and learning while encouraging the development of each participant’s expertise and creativity.

“Welcome to Fairmont Private Schools in Southern California! At Fairmont International, we are pleased to partner with your group to offer a customized educator training program for your teachers and administrators. With over 60 years of history offering American education, Fairmont Private Schools is well-qualified to share its professional and leadership development programs with schools all over the world. Our location near a number of Southern California attractions make our custom programs a unique and fun development experience for professionals. We welcome your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.”

– John Barrier, Vice President, Global Operations