The Foreign Language School attached to Sun Yat-Sen University

Guangzhou, China 

Fairmont Partner School Since 2019

School Overview

Noah-Fairmont Private School is an international high school tailored for global students by Noah Education in cooperation with Fairmont Private School. The Foreign Language School Attached to Sun Yat-sen University owned by Noah Education is the teaching base in China.

Noah Education Holdings Ltd (Noah), established in 2004, is a leading provider of private educational services in China. Noah focuses on providing premium pre-school education, primary and secondary school education services, international education and supplementary trainings for children and teenagers from 2 to 18 years old. Nowadays, Noah operates a network of nearly 100 self-owned schools and kindergartens, and over 800 self-operated and franchised child training centers throughout the country. Its over 4,000 teachers provide 35,000 students among its self-operated educational institutions with premium educational service.

The Foreign Language School Attached to Sun Yat-sen University (FLSASYSU), established in 2005, is the first foreign language school in Foshan approved by Educational Bureau of Nanhai District, Foshan City. FLSASYSU inherits the rich historical and cultural heritage of Sun Yat-sen University, shares the educational resources of prestigious schools, and stays up to date to advanced international educational concepts. It has now carried out educational exchanges and cooperative projects with education professionals and organizations in the United States, Australia, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain and other countries.