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Ministry of Education Approval: May 2012

Chengdu Shishi High School

Shi Shi High School, Chengdu was the first school established by the Chinese government in 141 AD. The school is reputed to be the oldest continuously operating school in the world. The school’s goal is to “raise the bar, explore individual talents to develop the specialized forces of tomorrow.” In pursuit of that goal, Chengdu Shishi Middle School has developed cooperative relationships with America, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and other countries in the world, to engage in long-term international exchange programs. In its 2,150 years of history, the school has been recognized with a number of awards, including recently: “National Progressive Education System Group,” “Sichuan Model School Spirit Award,” “Sichuan Specialty Arts School,” “Sichuan Experimental Model Education School,” “Sichuan Progressive Athletics Group,” and “Sichuan Model Technological School.”

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Shi SHi High School, Chengdu


of students who applied to top 100 World Universities were accepted


of students passed at least one or more AP tests


of only 32 schools in all of mainland China that are approved for AP Capstone

Chengdu Shishi High School

Jian Tian

Chairman and Principal

As a renowned Chinese school with 2150 years of history, CDSSMS has operated continuously since the Han Dynasty. One generation after another of Shishi alumni have been the product of Shishi’s traditional education fused with the educational methodology of the era. Creating the “essence” of CDSSMS today. We follow our philosophy “to wholeheartedly steer the growth of CDSSMS” with safety as foremost, high standards at the heart, and students and teachers as our foundation, raising the bar as our aim, and continuing tradition as we are known for. Through our actions, we will achieve our goals; in our continuation, we ensure quality; in management, we increase efficacy; in culture, we lead the development; in innovation, we show our liveliness; let the history of CDSSMS meld with today to step into the new era!

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Chengdu is known for many things — spicy food, pandas, and its status as an ancient hub along the Silk Road.

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