Linyi No. 4 School

Fairmont Partner School Since 2014
Ministry of Education Approval: 2014

Linyi No. 4 High School
Linyi Number 4 High School is a large, public school in Shandong Province, in the northeast of China. Fairmont’s Joint Diploma Program with Linyi Number 4 has been in operation since fall 2014 and annual student enrollment is approximately 150 students in grades 10, 11, and 12. The program has a number of western teachers and shares huikao or Chinese curriculum teachers with the larger high school population. Students in the program take AP classes and exams in the following subjects: AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Microeconomic and AP Macroeconomics, and AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C: Mechanics. Students have gone on to colleges including UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC Davis, as well as Arizona State University, San Diego State University, Cal State Long Beach, Michigan State University and more.

Dr. Ma

Principal of International Division

He is a senior visiting scholar and doctoral professor at the University of Illinois, USA. He has made important achievements in complex boundary value problems of function theory.

We are committed to cultivating future outstanding global citizens and industry talents with Chinese soul, global vision and sustainable development power. Based on the advanced educational content of China and the United States and the characteristics of Chinese students, we independently research and enrich the new educational concepts in line with the law of education development. The “discovery education” we advocate is to return education to its true nature and let students have the freedom to question, express and develop their personality. On this basis, we put forward four stages of the heuristic formation education process, that is, exploration, discovery, identification and achievement.

We make full use of American multi-level interdisciplinary curriculum framework and multi-dimensional evaluation system, and play the favor of the international resources and service advantages, aims to encourage students to restart the curiosity and desire to ascertain, find their own talent and respect each other’s individual differences, identity goal, build self-confidence, and complete self-improvement by striving and reasonable planning. We hope that every student can achieve the educational goals in the middle school through “discovery education”, and eventually become an outstanding global citizen and international industrial talent with sustainable development power and lifelong competitiveness.

School Location

International Division of Linyi No.4 High School
Jinan Road, Lanshan District
Linyi, Shandong, PR China
Tel: 0539-7302900

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