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Taichung Second Senior High School

Taichung Second Municipal High School was established in 1922. It has 69 classes, including 3 high-achieving classes in math and science, 3 high-achieving classes in language and literature, 3 music-talented classes, and 60 regular classes. 217 faculty and staff members are working hard for the administration team and teaching team. About 2, 870 students are studying in this big family. The current principal is Mr. Sheu, Yaw-Wen.

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Place High School Volleyball League Division II (2021)


Place Taichung Student Competition of Music High School Group Grade A Orchestra (2020)


Place Taichung High School Basketball League Division Llama (2020)

Taichung Second Senior High School

Mr. Sheu, Yaw-Wen


Welcome to Taichung Second Municipal High School (TCSSH), where the campus is full of sunshine, hope, and harmony.

Our goal is to build on the focus of “vitality, science, humanities, globalization, and art” by providing sufficient resources necessary to become outstanding citizens with academic attitudes and skills.

The teachers at TCSSH are dedicated to the formation of a warm campus and the integration of technology in the curriculum. The students are highly motivated and inspired to pursue excellence and to cultivate the abilities of independent learning, critical thinking, global mobility, physical and mental health, character practice, and communication. TCSSH will always be a place based on the spirit of holistic education, adopting the concepts of taking initiative, engaging in interaction, and seeking the common good

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No. 109, Yingshi Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404021, Taiwan

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