Joint Program

Partner with FIS to offer an academically rigorous Joint Program to your students.

Joint Programs

Fairmont International School partners with schools around the world to offer students a unique and academically rigorous educational path. FIS coursework includes kindergarten through high school curriculum geared toward language learners. In addition, FIS offers certified Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate curriculum, as well as online courses. Fairmont’s Joint Programs prepare students to continue their education in the United States through exposure to American teaching methodologies and curriculum, and advanced academic English language acquisition.

“Since 2003, Fairmont Education Group has developed relationships with educators and schools throughout the world to help students realize their academic and language acquisition goals. I am eager to share more about FEG’s robust educational programs and how we can assist you in preparing your students for success. Fairmont has a strong reputation for academic excellence that is consistently upheld by superior AP scores, impressive student achievement, and high rates of college acceptance. We are excited to have the opportunity to share our successes with other schools and invite you to consider what Fairmont Education Group can do for your students.”

John Barrier, Vice President of Global Operations


Students Enrolled In High School Joint Programs


of FIS Joint Program’s 2021 graduates earned admission to top 100 colleges and universities


AP exams taken by Joint Program students


AP Scholars


of Joint Program students earned passing AP scores
Benefits for Students
  • Exposes students to western teaching methodologies in the high school classroom, fostering familiarity with the differences between the US and international educational systems
  • Provides students with an opportunity to strengthen English language skills and academic vocabulary proficiency
  • Provides students with semester-, year- or summer-long study abroad opportunities in the United States to enhance English language acquisition, facilitate cultural immersion, receive individual college counseling and earn a letter of recommendation from an American teacher
  • Provides students with credible, independent assessment of academic aptitudes and English language proficiency through Advanced Placement exam scoring
  • Builds the skills necessary to perform well in American universities: skills such as independent thinking, critical inquiry, student involvement and creativity
  • Gives students an advantage when applying to US colleges by participating in an American partnership program
  • Offers students individual and group college counseling opportunities with American college counselors to help them develop a strategic plan for gaining acceptance to Western colleges
  • Prepares students for a smooth and successful transition to college in the United States or another western country
Partnering Process
  1. A school expresses interest.
  2. FIS meets with the school to assess the school’s needs for an international program.
  3. FIS introduces our programs to the prospective school and offers input about how our programs might fulfill their needs.
  4. FIS representatives visit the prospective school to further discuss partnership possibilities and strengthen the relationship.
  5. Upon a mutual decision to move forward with the partnership, a contract is signed.
  6. Government approval process: FIS works with the partner school to submit required Ministry of Education documents.
  7. The early planning stage begins in conjunction with the government approval process to ensure that the partner school is well-prepared to offer the program.
  8. Student recruitment and placement testing.
  9. Teacher training begins.
  10. Start of program.
  11. Continuous program management support from a dedicated Diploma Program Manager and Fairmont International School staff.
  12. Opportunities for teacher and student visits to the United States.
Benefits for Schools
  • Helps the partner school build a counseling program and understand ways to best prepare students for American college admissions and success in college
  • Differentiates the partner school among other schools in the country, and therefore helps the school increase enrollment
  • Provides the partner school’s teachers an opportunity to strengthen English language skills and learn Western teaching methodologies through professional development, including teacher training programs in the United States
  • Provides the school with support from an in-country Diploma Program Manager along with a comprehensive program marketing plan
  • As [Joint Diploma] students, we need to take part in the lessons. We don’t just listen. We have to discuss ideas, draw inferences, and make presentations.” — Azura Liu, JDP student at Beijing 21st Century International School
  • “The [Joint Diploma] classes are interesting, humorous, and lively. I really like this type of education.” — Jerry Zhou, JDP student at Yinchuan No. 2 High School
  • “In the American education system, there is more group work required in class. We must communicate and learn to work with each other.” — Luna Lu, JDP student at The Affiliated High School to Hangzhou Normal University

Our Programs

Fairmont International School (FIS) offers the following programs: Joint Program, Short Term Immersion, 2+1, Online Learning, and Study In America. FIS also offers customized programs to meet specific school needs.

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Leveraging Experience + Innovation

For nearly seven decades, Fairmont Education Group has blended time-honored fundamentals with cutting-edge approaches to maximize student success.

Proven Outcomes

Year after year, more than nine out of ten FIS students who apply to a “Top 100” college or university gain acceptance.

Opportunities Abound

With 11 premier partner schools - each with its own personality and programming - FIS offers a wealth of options from which to choose, ensuring a "best fit" school.