Online Learning

Remote learning is an essential 21st-century skill that is valued by employers and universities world-wide. Though many institutions offer remote learning, Fairmont’s program is different.

Online Learning

We have a tiered approach to remote learning, designed to meet the individual needs of your institution and your students. While this is a self-paced asynchronous program, we offer support from our Asia based managers and US teachers. Students will meet with Fairmont to determine which classes will help you prepare for graduation and college. Fairmont’s Diploma options offer students the ability to earn a Fairmont diploma. These courses meet California and Fairmont’s High School graduation requirements and will prepare students for success at universities in English Speaking countries. Fairmont International School and all Fairmont Schools in the U.S.A. are accredited by Cognia, the largest school accreditation institution in the United States.

Local partners are a vital component of Fairmont International Online High School. We will work with you to discuss ways to: • Offer the option for students to study online at your campus and facility • Offer tutoring opportunities • Provide flexible scheduling • Offer service learning options to build strong citizenship and strengthen a college application • Serve as a liaison between your institution and Fairmont • Offer test prep

In order to earn a Fairmont International School diploma, students must complete huikao and other required coursework through their local school in mathematics, science, social science, languages other than English, arts and electives. Fairmont will work with the partner school to validate that courses meet requirements for graduation and will validate credits completed through the local school. Certificates may be offered for coursework short of a diploma. Fairmont requires that at least one third of students’ years in the program be Fairmont course work in English, mathematics, science and social science.

Our Programs

Fairmont International School (FIS) offers the following programs: Joint Program, Short Term Immersion, 2+1, Online Learning, and Study In America. FIS also offers customized programs to meet specific school needs.

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Leveraging Experience + Innovation

For nearly seven decades, Fairmont Education Group has blended time-honored fundamentals with cutting-edge approaches to maximize student success.

Proven Outcomes

Year after year, more than nine out of ten FIS students who apply to a “Top 100” college or university gain acceptance.

Opportunities Abound

With 11 premier partner schools - each with its own personality and programming - FIS offers a wealth of options from which to choose, ensuring a "best fit" school.