Short Term Immersion

Come to Fairmont in the US for summer or winter and have fun learning and visiting parts of Southern California.

Short Term Immersion

Throughout the year, Fairmont Schools welcomes visiting students and teachers from around the globe. Students come to learn English and teachers come to share methodologies, educational philosophies, pedagogical best practices, and cultures. These Short-Term Programs are designed to meet the unique needs of various schools and educational groups worldwide. The programs vary in length from two to six weeks, depending on the size and needs of the group. While visiting, students and teachers enjoy a unique immersion program through homestay accommodations with American families.

Beijing Student, 2019 Summer

“The first day I came to Fairmont I felt a refreshed feeling and it was a life-changing experience.”

Beijing Student, 2019 Summer

“I got the experience of living with an American host family with a true American experience such as dinner together with the phones away.”

Taipei Student, 2019 Summer

“We learned through asking questions, whether there was a clear answer or not.”

Our Programs

Fairmont International School (FIS) offers the following programs: Joint Program, Short Term Immersion, 2+1, Online Learning, and Study In America. FIS also offers customized programs to meet specific school needs.

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Leveraging Experience + Innovation

For nearly seven decades, Fairmont Education Group has blended time-honored fundamentals with cutting-edge approaches to maximize student success.

Proven Outcomes

Year after year, more than nine out of ten FIS students who apply to a “Top 100” college or university gain acceptance.

Opportunities Abound

With 11 premier partner schools - each with its own personality and programming - FIS offers a wealth of options from which to choose, ensuring a "best fit" school.