Safari School

School Overview

What do we value?


We are not only a Full-English School. Based on each child’s ability we will adjust the percentage of English used in class. Since there are many Fairmont Schools’ partner schools around the world, we can take online courses together and learn a third language.

Treasuring the Process

Focus on planting vegetables and how to help our environment. Learning how to treasure the process even if that means failing. Motivating students to be more down-to-earth and grateful.


Technology is a double-edged sword because it can be both good and bad. Our goal is to teach children how to solve problems by using technology to its fullest potential. It can be good if we teach children how to use it in the right way. Technology allows us global access and helps teachers become closer to the students regardless of location.


Safari School wants our children to have the courage to speak for themselves. We focus on the basics, hands-on experience, and of course, a lot of reading and sharing. From copying to remodeling then innovating.

What’s more?

We have a Fun House!!

Downstairs we have a Fun House, a parent-children playground. We have half-day activities to help children who have anxiety in school to adapt to a group setting. At Fun House, we focus on Content and Language Integrated Learning. English is not a subject. It is a skill for life.

School Location & Contact Information

3F., No. 200, Sec. 1, Wenhua 1st Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City 244019, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Principal’s Message

Amanda Wang

“English is not a subject. It is a skill for life.”
“We don’t teach English. We play in English, and we use English.”

I have been teaching English for over two decades. From Preschool to University, I’ve seen the whole process of language learning for children in Taiwan. Some of them have perfect pronunciation but can’t think independently nor elaborate their thoughts. Some of them can read perfectly but don’t have the courage to speak up for themselves. That’s the reason why I want to create an environment that children can be creative, speak up and talk freely in any language they choose, a real bilingual school. I always try to not hinder children’s creativity by telling them “No Chinese!”. A real bilingual education does not have English-only classes. We care about not only children’s English skill but also all-around development.

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